I don’t paint a lot, but when I do I usually paint on location; quickly producing small plein air paintings that later inform my larger studio work. This direct interaction with the environment helps to keep my work fresh and loose, something I am constantly striving after and redefining in each new painting.

The artist’s hand, a result of working quickly in an all prima style, also then becomes a part of the experience for the viewer. For larger works I also rely on photographs, my own notes, and sketches. I work almost exclusively in oil paint because of its versatility, slow drying time, and color strength.

The light on the landscape is my inspiration. My paintings explore how both natural and artificial light affect the environment of a specific location, as well as how the seasons and time of day have an influence. I sometimes use directives and predetermined mapping as a guide to select a particular location. Each painting showcases the everyday world: the mundane made interesting by the light and atmosphere. I see my work as a record collection of moments during a day where the environment, and specific compositions deserve to be recognized. Accurate values are important, but color remains more subjective and is used to emphasize the atmosphere.