David Owens is a professional illustrator and art director based in Central New York. He loves doing great work for wonderful clients.

David received his BFA from Oswego State concentrating in illustration.  After school he worked as a communications designer and then went on to art direct a variety of brand related projects for Universities, corporate clients, and several national brands.  He taught communication design and painting on several occasions, including upper level illustration classes at his Alma Mater.

Today he spends most of his time freelance illustrating.  On any given day he can be found glued to his Wacom tablet (yes all of his work is digital) working on anything from greeting cards, to editorial illustrations, to packaging designs.  He drinks his coffee black, takes his clients’ needs seriously, and puts apostrophes in the correct places.  David sometimes writes in the third person to sound professional.

Some of his friends think he draws pictures for a living and most days he does.  At heart David is simply a story teller and a creative problem solver ready for the next project.

Contact him: artbydavidowens@gmail.com